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Ama Takiloa ʻa e Fefine Tonga Project

About the Project:

This is TCDT’s longest running project, originated in 1978 and known as Village Women Development (VWD). It is a grass-root development program that work closely with small village-based women development groups. The program encourages women to work together in small groups to achieve common development needs. The program is now focusing its effort in the outer islands of Vavaʻu, Ha’apai and ʻEua which are more disadvantaged by their geographical isolation and distance from the main government administration and commercial centre in Nukuʻalofa.


To empower women, their families and communities to achieve equitable share and human rights in all aspects of national development.

Expected Outcomes:

Women's groups are empowered and are contributing to the following outputs:

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Christian World Service NZ (CWS)

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