Mitigating Climate Change Impacts in Haʻapai

About CCA

The project aims to empower the communities in Lifuka and Foa islands to mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts. Haʻapai Island group is recognized to be more disadvantage by the impacts of climate change compared to other part of Tonga. Geographically, they are more isolated and not easy to access. Sea level rise has resulted in a lot of beach erosion in the islands and it has also affected the quality of ground water. The ongoing increase in temperature has brought changes in weather patterns which have detrimental impact on the production level of agriculture and fisheries. The sad thing about all this happening is that, local communities have little understanding, control and let alone prepare for any of these changes. The project will adopt an integrated approach of community empowerment, communication and awareness, demonstration of best mitigation and adaptation practices for communities. It is envisage that this project will generate lessons learned for replication in other island group in Tonga.


To contribute to global effort on mitigation and adaptation climate change through effective collaboration between local communities and relevant partners in Tonga.

Project Objective: To empower communities in Lifuka and Foa to better manage the impact of climate change

Expected Outcomes

Activities Undertaken

1. Community Empowerment

2. Communication and Public Awareness

3. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development

Main Donors: GEF Small Grant Program