Organic Home Gardening (OHG)

About HOG

This project will be accomplished by grassroots development activities centered on the establishment of home gardens and the promotion of village-based subsistence agriculture training activities. Project components will include both practical, demonstrative activities, and technical/training grassroots development activities.

The primary beneficiaries of this project will be the Hihifo women’s and their families on the main island of Haʻapai. A minimum of 80 rural families will participate in and benefit from the project. The benefits gained from participants include


Objectives: The overall goal is to promote healthy and sustainable livelihoods for rural dwellers in the village of Hihifo, Haʻapai. This will be achieved by promotion of sustainable, grassroots agriculture interventions that involve an integrated approach to the agriculture, environment and health sectors.

Expected Outcomes

The objectives of this project are:

Activities Undertaken

Proposed Activities

Main Donors: Global Green Grant Fund