People and Policy Project

About the Project

The People and Policy Project is about educating and practicing of good governance at the communities. It is a Regional project that is implemented in 7 (Fiji, Kiribati, Sāmoa, Solomon, Tonga, Tūvalu, Vanuatu) Islands in the Pacific. It started in Tonga in 2005 and TCDT (a member of FSPI) is the agency that implements this project in 5 communities:


To link people with policy by promoting and establishing community governance and empowering them of their economic, social and cultural rights.

Expected Outcomes

Activities under the Three Pillars

The project consists of the following three pillars:


We help communities, identify, analyze and assess their governance systems and develop plans to address major issues. Like providing trainings and workshop to discuss community governance mapping and creating community action plan.


We work to foster meaningful and sustainable relationships between communities, civil society and government. Such as using of media to promote and make known the works that the community is carrying out. And facilitating dialogue between the community and relevant outside parties to develop their relationship.


We strive to integrate community priorities into policy and include government as an important partner in our works. Inviting of government representatives and relevant personal as resource persons to be involved in the activities carried out in the communities and they both be able to identify with and understand each others situations.

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