Sustainable Rainwater Harvesting (SRH)

About SRH

Rainfall generally occurs everywhere in the Pacific in abundant quantity and since most people live in houses with roofs they already have catchments surfaces from which rainwater runoff can be collected. Thus Rainwater Harvesting has not generally been given the attention it deserves. It has often been looked upon as a technology of last resort to be used only when no other alternative could be used such as on some of the Pacific low lying islands fresh surface water or groundwater.

This project aim is to use the Rainwater Harvesting training manual for ongoing participatory training of stakeholders for the benefit of improving water qualities and sustainable implementation of rainwater harvesting in Tonga.

Working collaboratively with stakeholders on rainwater harvesting: government departments, water tanks construction companies, NGOs and CBO’s involved in water tank project, and water tanks owners (householders: women and men from the communities) to raise public awareness and bring about behavioral change on proper management and harvesting of rainwater.


To engage stakeholders in the protection, improvement of water quality and sustainable implementation of rainwater harvesting through public awareness and behavioral change activities especially to train and raise the Awareness of Target Participants to ensure sustainable access to safe drinking-water through good water supply practice, and basic sanitation.

Expected Outcomes

Activities Undertaken

Main Donors: Canada Fund