Voter Attitude Survey and Education Project

About VASE Project

Tonga is at the crossroad of moving towards a more democratic form of government. The current electoral system in Tonga is a mixer of the first-past-the-post system used in single-member district and block voting system used in multi-member district. One of the main problems in the last couple of general elections is the lack of turn out to voting, less than 50%.

This project commenced with a community-based survey to assess the attitude of legitimate voters to voting in Tonga. The information from the survey will increase our understanding of the nature, attitudes and practices of voters in Tonga. The information will be helpful in the design of a more practical voter educational program to increase the awareness and understanding of legitimate voters about the important of taking their vote.


To increase understanding and participation of legitimate voters on voting for the People’s Representatives in the general election.

Expected Outcomes

Main Donor: Canada Fund