Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

About WASH

People in Tonga get their water from a variety of sources. Most people get their drinking water from rainwater catchment systems which direct the flow of rainwater down the roofs of homes and into large cement or plastic tanks. In 2008, Tonga Trust joined other agency in the region in celebrating the International Year of Sanitation. The problem of inadequate water sources, poor water quality for drinking, poor sanitation and unhygienic behaviours have been identified as major cause of death that can be saved. Even though access to drinking water is very high in Tonga, it does not warrant good quality water for drinking. Similarly, access to appropriate sanitation is not a major issue in Tonga. However, it does not matter what type of sanitation people have, what matters is the practice of hygienic behavior, keeping the facility clean and wash hand with soap at all times.


To increase public awareness on the importance of improving water quality, sanitation and hygiene to reduce water-borne diseases.

Expected Outcomes

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Uikelotu Vunga – Project Co-ordinator – u.vunga@tcdt.to – tel (+676)-23478