Youth and Mental Health

About the YMH Project

This programme addresses the inter-related issues of youth in relation to mental health at community, national and regional levels in the Pacific island nations of: Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Tūvalu, Sāmoa and Tonga.

There is little data or research on the subject of mental health in Tonga. Counseling in school for youth is usually non existent. There is a major need to improve awareness of mental health problems in Tonga and to partner with other organizations that are also working to raise awareness and access to services as the Ministry of Education, which for the first time is beginning to train teachers to counsel youth in schools.

Youth unemployment, and school drop out rates are a major problem in Tonga. Building self-esteem among youth is therefore an important area of focus.

There is a need in Tonga to train young individuals to work within their communities to assist their peers to seek positive opportunities for personal growth and skill development. Their projects will benefit not only the youth but also can enhance and strengthen whole communities.


To increase the coping capacity of youth and to promote better mental health within their families in Tonga in response to changing lifestyles by building supportive environments.

Expected Outcomes:

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