About TCDT

The Tonga Community Development Trust (TCDT) is an indigenous, non-governmental development organization operating in the Kingdom of Tonga. TCDT's focus is on capacity building with special attention on the less developed, more disadvantaged communities of Tonga including the poorest of the poor. Our projects cover the following focal areas: Family and Community Health; Rural Water Supply and Sanitation; Sustainable Development; Environmental Conservation; Disaster Preparedness; Womens in Development; Human Rights; Good Governance, Civic Education and Voter Education.

Brief Historical Background

Tonga Trust started from the work of the Catholic Village Womens Development Program (VWD) in 1978. The organisation was formally registered at the Tonga‟s Magistrates Court in November 17, 1983 under the name Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific/Tonga (FSP Tonga). Two years later, the name of the organisation was changed to Tonga Community Development Trust in November 17, 1985. Its mandate continued to focus on alleviation of poverty in Tongan families and communities and fostering self reliance and sustainable community development. Since its inception, TCDT has been governed by a Board of Directors and managed daily by an Executive Director.

TCDT's headquarters is on the main island of Tongatapu. A field office was opened in Neiafu, Vavaʻu in April 1999. Since then we have also established field offices in Haʻapai and ʻEua. It is envisaged that a field office will be open in Niuafoʻou in 2009.


Tonga Trust is working in partnership with development partners to foster self reliance and sustainable community development in Tonga.


Families and Communities in Tonga are empowered to be self-reliant and active agents of their own sustainable development.


Roles of TCDT

To work with poor and disadvantaged families and communities to improve their living standard

To build the capacity and confidence of families and communities, especially women through technical training in specific skills that are relevant and useful for home and community development

To provide linkages and pathways between families and communities with other development sources of assistance, such as government, local and foreign donors

To increase people's understanding of their basic rights

To facilitate and empower communities governance structure as a strong foundation for charging their own development and self-reliance

Relevance to Government Sustainable Development Plan 8 (SDP8)

Tonga Trust strategic goals are in line with the following goals from the government SDP8:

  1. Create a better governance environment
  2. Ensure equitable distribution of the benefits of growth
  3. Improve health standards
  4. Ensure environmental sustainability and disaster risk reduction
  5. Maintain law and order, social cohesion and cultural